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These chemicals are packed in ten-liter containers and, in order to
    facilitate the process for radiology centers, are packed in ready-to
    use containers and are capable of being used without preparation.

Using these chemicals will help you not to have any mistake of
   chemical preparation.
Chemical preparation time will be saved.
The problem of preparing pure water for diluting chemicals will be

These Products are recommended to centers, which have access to pure water and centers which the capacity of their processor is less than 10 litters.
These chemicals are concentrated.

Each carton contains of 2 set of chemicals and each set of these chemicals give 20 liters of ready to use Fixer and 20 liters of ready to use Developer and at the end you can have 80 liters of chemical.


These products are recommended to centers, which have access to
   pure water.
These chemicals are concentrated.
One set of these chemicals give
2*20 liters of ready-for-use fixer and
    developer each.


These chemicals are specialized for centers where operations are
    manual and there is no access to pure water.
These concentrates are provided in 4-liters containers in whole and
    are needless to be activated by other additives.
20 liters of developer and 20 liters of fixer can be obtained by adding
    pure water to one set.
These chemicals should not be used in automatic processors.

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