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In some cases the developer, a few days after being used, may change color, become darkened and seem to have lost its quality This may happen in case the washing liquid has remained in the tanks or when the chemical has been exposed directly to light and air.
Washing the tanks with pure water, and covering the tanks with aluminum foil in manual processors, will solve this problem.


Remember to change chemicals completely In case of washing the developing tanks If the processor is to be off for more than 48 hours, it is recommended that the rollers be taken out of the development and fixing solution so that they will not be crystallized.


The darkroom light

The sensitivity of green films to red light in the darkroom can contribute to the increase of the Base Fog. Therefore, if you donít use green filters, we recommended that you should not work while exposed to direct red light.


> Developing Instruction for centers which use manual processors:

In 20 centigrade 5 minutes
In 22 centigrade 4 minutes
In 24 centigrade 3 minutes

In order to active the chemicals we recommend you to renew 25 % of chemicals after a week and also the whole diluted chemicals after four weeks.

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Check the    sign on the sealed containers.


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