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General information to reach the best result



The whole processing  time can be adjusted in various processors within a range of 120-150-second automatically. However, provided there is a possibility of manual adjustment, allocate 30 to 40 seconds for development and 30 to 40 seconds for fixing time. Leave the remaining time for washing and drying.


Adjust the tank heaters, which play an important role toward the final results,as follows:
Adjust the temperature on the development tank heater between
    33-35 centigrade.
Adjust the temperature on the drier between 45- 50 centigrade.


 mAs level

-- mAs level is of great concern in developed countries where better results are achieved through increasing the quality of films and chemicals in radiography rather than high mAs level.

Our products, which enjoy high power and fast development properties, have brought about the capability of decreasing the mAs level and in addition to developing at the maximum density ,  are capable of increasing the efficiency of radiography device tubes resulting in a lower possibility for patients to be affected by the rays emitted from the device.

Over Exposed

-- In case your film is darkened it must have been over-exposed. After making sure of the film being safe, lower the level of mAs by 25% and stabilize the kV so that the problem will be solved.


Each square meter of film, which is equal to 8 sheets of 30 by 40 cm films needs 400 ml of development chemical and 600 ml fixer.
In order to stabilize the quality of development, replenish the tanks using the above mentioned amounts.


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